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This shorter, yet still challenging event starts at the heart of Snowbird Plaza and brings runners a taste of the Wasatch Mountains with 1,650 feet of elevation gain. Explore the unique and beautiful trails and cap your race off at Snowbird Plaza.


9.9 KM

Elevation Gain

502 M+

Start Date

Friday 19th July 2024

Race Start

Snowbird Center Plaza Area - 09:00

Max Allowed Race Time

5 Hours



Course Description

Course Description

Starting at the Snowbird Plaza, runners head up to Singletrack across the face of Snowbird Ski area. A steep climb up Chips Switchbacks reveal a “taste” of the longer races. Once reaching the top of the Wilbere Chair, mile 4.5, it’s buttery singletrack to the Snowbird Plaza deck for the finish.

Mandatory Gear

  • Must start with1/2liter of hydration

Music: Listening to music using earphones only, is tolerated, so long as it is safe to do so. Any earphones MUST be removed when crossing any roads, as well as on approach to, and whist at, any checkpoints and when approaching and passing any Safety Team members.

Aid Station Chart

Learn more about each Aid Station, elevation gain and loss, cut-off times, and where drop bags and crew are allowed on course